Friday, April 8, 2011


     Since the Texas lege has designs on "economizing"  (just wait til i do MY essay -- and letters to the editors on just WHAT you get for $350,000.00 for 4 years "care" - sic -- in the HCS program -- NOT much unless you think destruction of your health, liver, kidneys, brain and teeth is a 'good thing' ~!) -- anyway, I decided to commence a polite petition drive to urge the Senate Finance Committee, et al, to NOT be so brutal with cuts to funding for the HCS program.
   While it would benefit from a GREAT DEAL more oversight and accountability, it's still the best we have to offer in Texas, for the time being -- and I don't want people who are challenged and NEED 24-hour care and deserve a DECENT place to call their "home", turned out on the streets, jammed up in state-run institutions (at three times the cost and NO privacy), or hospitalized unnecessarily, or worse, jailed ~!
     So, while this entry strays somewhat from drugging the disabled, it's very current and relevant -- IF so much money wasn't put down the throats of the disabled -- a good $1,000.00 in one case I'm familiar with, then there just MIGHT be more money in Medicaid and the HCS program in general ~!
     I urge anyone to copy and past my Petition form, off the "Take Action" page, adapt it as you wish, GET SIGNATURES (I got over a dozen in 45 minutes), then send it to The Hon. Steve Ogden, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, PO Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711 as soon as possible.
     This budget MAY not be finalized until sometime in May, and IF not agreed upon by both houses, there could be a special session of the lege called this summer.

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