Thursday, April 28, 2011


I also hate to be gone so long from my blogsite HERE -- due to time constraints, AND fact that I found this info impressive and tho't it might be of interest (or helpful), it passes for my post this week.  May be hype (and I hate to promo an advertisement, per se) but also maybe HOPE for the OVERLY DRUGGED:

A Letter from Mark Hyman, M.D.

The most important medical discovery of our lifetime is also the biggest secret.
This secret reveals the REAL reasons we are sick and why we suffer from an epidemic of brain problems, everything from depression to dementia, from anxiety to autism, from memory problems to mood swings and from brain fog to trouble concentrating. In fact, we’re in the middle of the greatest medical revolution of the last 100 years – it’s the medical equivalent to Columbus saying the world was round, not flat.

And this revolution shows us that there IS hope.

     Hope for our children with ADD, autism and Asperger’s, who have problems concentrating, staying focused, and controlling their behaviors...    
     Hope for our aging parents, who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and whose lives are quietly slipping away...
     Hope for those of us who suffer from depression, anxiety and brain fog and have problems remembering things and dealing with stress and mood swings.

What if you were told that the way you think about disease, mental illness and your brain aging actually has NOTHING to do with how your body actually works?

The secret you’re about to learn is this...

Your mood and memory problems, your trouble focusing, your ADD and depression are NOT all in your head.

They’re in your BODY.

Over 20 million people are suffering from some form of depression, 40 million are tormented by irrational fears, anxiety or unceasing stress that won't go away.

20 million children are diagnosed with some type of psychiatric disorder—1 in 166 today children are diagnosed with autism. Estimates show that by 2050 1 in 2 adults will suffer with Alzheimer's.

What's wrong? Are we all somehow genetically defective?

Of course not...

People with these “brain disorders” don’t’ need more and better medication. They need a system that will help them change their lives so they can heal the underlying causes of their problems. They need a comprehensive, personalized approach to healing their body.

Heal the body and you automatically heal the brain.

That’s what you will learn to do in my program:

In this multimedia self-coaching program I have taken my UltraMind program and created a 3-component system that anyone can use in to heal their broken brains.

What you will learn in this program is the same process I would use if you came to see me in my office.

If you've ever heard me speak, or watched any of my blogs, you know I love to teach and I am passionate about empowering people to take control over their health.

This is the #1 purpose of this program.

Inside this exclusive self-help audio, video and workbook system I will walk you through all the necessary information you need to put the puzzle pieces together, fix your broken brain and gain an UltraMind.

After you listen to the audio programs, work through the information in the workbook and identify the core imbalances in your body through the interactive quizzes, you will learn how to personalize the program by following the dynamic steps included inside the 2-DVD set.

I've put together a complete overview of this program and how it works:

Please pay special attention to all the case studies and stories from those who have gone through the program - these are real, very inspiring and extremely well chronicled so you can see just how powerful this program is.

There are remarkable stories of children who reversed their ADHD, adults who recovered from their depression and even one incredible story of a wife who lost her husband to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's who only after 5 days on the program saw dramatic improvements - she says that she finally has her husband back.

Functional medicine is the medicine of the future and for the first time I am excited to bring you a personalized audio/video program that allows you to take control over your health.

Through this special offer you will get 15% off this special program.

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I hope you enjoy Six Weeks to an UltraMind. I am confident it will provide you the skills you need to heal your brain and body and achieve optimal health for life.
To your good health,
Mark Hyman, M.D.

PS - One of the remarkable things I've found over the years is how many patients see "side effects" after balancing their underlying biology.

You'll see that many the people in these case studies experienced "side effects" such weight loss, improved skin and complexion and more energy in addition to faster thinking speed, more energy and better sleep.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


From Natural News ~!

Dear NaturalNews readers,

If you ever had any doubt that the medical police state has descended upon us, look no further than what just happened in Detroit to an African-American mother of a 13-year-old daughter:
For refusing to medicate her daughter with dangerous psychiatric drugs, she was subjected to an attempting kidnapping by CPS, then her front door was broken down by armed police, then a SWAT team beseiged her house for 12 hours with semiautomatic weapons, and now she faces multiple felony charges.
What was her crime? Not giving her child psychiatric drugs!
The medical police state is angry at parents who refuse to drug their children. Get the facts in my coverage of this breaking news:

Friday, April 8, 2011


     Since the Texas lege has designs on "economizing"  (just wait til i do MY essay -- and letters to the editors on just WHAT you get for $350,000.00 for 4 years "care" - sic -- in the HCS program -- NOT much unless you think destruction of your health, liver, kidneys, brain and teeth is a 'good thing' ~!) -- anyway, I decided to commence a polite petition drive to urge the Senate Finance Committee, et al, to NOT be so brutal with cuts to funding for the HCS program.
   While it would benefit from a GREAT DEAL more oversight and accountability, it's still the best we have to offer in Texas, for the time being -- and I don't want people who are challenged and NEED 24-hour care and deserve a DECENT place to call their "home", turned out on the streets, jammed up in state-run institutions (at three times the cost and NO privacy), or hospitalized unnecessarily, or worse, jailed ~!
     So, while this entry strays somewhat from drugging the disabled, it's very current and relevant -- IF so much money wasn't put down the throats of the disabled -- a good $1,000.00 in one case I'm familiar with, then there just MIGHT be more money in Medicaid and the HCS program in general ~!
     I urge anyone to copy and past my Petition form, off the "Take Action" page, adapt it as you wish, GET SIGNATURES (I got over a dozen in 45 minutes), then send it to The Hon. Steve Ogden, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, PO Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711 as soon as possible.
     This budget MAY not be finalized until sometime in May, and IF not agreed upon by both houses, there could be a special session of the lege called this summer.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doesn't this violate the 1st Amendment -- Freedom of Speech ???

I've been away for a while -- lawyer-shopping, learning facebook, fighting the good fight and getting spring gardening work done.  Hope to be back here more often, now.

Just for grins, I started keeping my little "free" copy of the U.S. Constitution handy a coupla years ago -- AND I find myself re-reading it often -- now THAT's not been an item of interest to me in around four decades~!  But it is NOW -- and it's something that more bureaucraps, Judges and lawyers should refer to -- more often than I do, since they seem to act with impunity in making up their OWN laws as they go along ~!

(NaturalNews) Many prominent organizations and agencies like the FDA release information with an embargo on it. In other words, news organizations will agree not to publish this information until a certain date. This gives the journalists time to research and write their articles, so that their more detailed investigation - often a deeper perspective on a complex story - can appear at the same time as the organization's press conference.

So the FDA's new policy goes like this; you can write about FDA's new drug/medical device approval, but you can't do any outside research or ask any experts to weigh in on our decision before the embargo is lifted. The FDA wants to forbid reporters from doing any independent research and gathering opposing views. Effectively, the FDA wants journalists to not ask questions, not to seek independent experts and simply tow the FDA line like good little stenographers.
This is a drastic change - journalists customarily share the information with other experts in the field to get a more impartial perspective. These experts are are always apprised of the embargo, must agree to its terms, and fall under the same confidentiality agreement as the media organization.
In response to the FDA's statement, the nonprofit Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) - the nation's largest group of health reporters - sent a strongly worded letter to the FDA, objecting to the administration's "highly unusual" new policy: "[This] restriction...rewrote a longstanding compact between reporters and various public and scientific organizations. It also hampered or delayed reporters' ability to fully inform the public about what the FDA is doing with taxpayers' money."

The group continued, "Reporters who want to be competitive on a story will essentially have to agree to write only what the FDA wants to tell the world, without analysis or outside commentary."
Learn more:
fyi, Amendment I:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establisment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assmeble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  (IF you'd like a free, pocket-size copy of this document, call 1-800-767-1241; from

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


     It would seem that NO ONE is "immune" from aberrant effects of psychotropic DRUGS, legally (sic) prescribed~! 

Congressman Wu's bizarre behavior due to psychiatric drugs?

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer (originally published Mar. 2, 2011)

     (NaturalNews) In a tale that many mainstream media outlets are attempting to use as a political smear campaign, the story of US Rep. David Wu's severe negative reaction to a common psychiatric drug speaks more about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs than it does partisan politics. According to reports, Wu was hospitalized in 2008 for severe reactions to an unnamed psychiatric drug which caused him to display erratic and strange behavior, including the sending of personal photos of himself in a tiger costume to his staffers.
     Though Wu denies that the photo incident -- which took place two years after his hospitalization in 2008 -- is directly connected to the psychiatric drug, such behavior suggests at least a possible connection. Other odd behavioral events include excessive bouts of severe anger, demonstrations of impatience for no apparent reason, and even episodes where Wu disappeared and nobody was able to find him.
     See also:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


     Just posted on the page for "Horror Stories" -- a very long but informative history on the drugging of our children in america and story of some activist moms who would NOT sit down and shut up ~!  We HAVE a "drug problem" in this country, but it's NOT confined to the Mexican drug cartels~!
     And, we have an epidemic running through our nation -- the rampant greed of drug companies is surpassed only by the wide-spread ignorance, apathy, and lack of compassion and common sense.  While my primary concern IS the over-drugging of our disabled population, this cannot be separated from the (mandatory) drugging of CHILDREN ~!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


     (NaturalNews) They survived live fire, explosive devices, terror attacks and grueling desert conditions. But upon returning home to seek treatment for the mental anguish that too often accompanies war, U.S. soldiers are now being killed by the pharmaceutical industry in record numbers ~!
Learn more:
     A recent example is found with the late Senior Airman Anthony Mena, who returned home from Baghdad only to be killed by a toxic cocktail of prescription medications in his apartment in the USA. As the New York Times reports, a toxicologist found eight prescription medications in his blood (
     In his last months alive, Senior Airman Anthony Mena rarely left home without a backpack filled with medications. Airman Mena died instead in his Albuquerque apartment, on July 21, 2009, five months after leaving the Air Force on a medical discharge. A toxicologist found eight prescription medications in his blood, including three antidepressants, a sedative, a sleeping pill and two potent painkillers.
     Yet his death was no suicide, the medical examiner concluded. What killed Airman Mena was not an overdose of any one drug, but the interaction of many. He was 23.
     After a decade of treating thousands of wounded troops, the military’s medical system is awash in prescription drugs — and the results have sometimes been deadly.
     “I’m not a doctor, but there is something inside that tells me the fewer of these things we prescribe, the better off we’ll be,” Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the vice chief of staff of the Army who has led efforts on suicide, said in an interview.
     Re: one Marine, who was prescribed at least five medications, including the antidepressants Prozac and Trazodone, and an anti-anxiety medication. Yet he continued to have headaches, anxiety and vivid nightmares.  “He would be hitting the headboard,” said his father, Charles. “He would be saying: ‘Get down! Here they come!’ ”  On Jan. 29, 2008, Corporal Endicott was found dead in his room at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., where he had checked himself in for anger management after another car accident. He was 26.
   I had a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in my family -- a close cousin, like a kid brother, did NOT do well in Viet Nam, came home to hide out in dempsty dumpsters, aiming an imaginary AK-47 in the middle of the night.  His parents had him to three different VA hospitals.  He seemed to get better, got married, had two kids, a nice home and good job.  And stashed all his pills, took them one weekend in Nov., 1982, and was taken off life support three days later.
     He HAD gone to his psychiatrist, who dismissed his concerns, saying "You'll snap out of it Joel, you always do". 

Learn more:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


THANKFULLY, I didn't find any Texas group homes cited at the link below, but this illustrates and exposes the PALTRY care and absence of OVERSIGHT still happening in many states~!
VOR is an excellent site / tool for any concerned parents or advocates for the protection and rights of the disabled ~!

Rev. Jan 2011 Media coverage highlighting the increasing need for
more effective federal and state protections in the ever-expanding community system of care for people with mental retardation
Chicago Tribune, January 30, 2011
Disabled Joliet man beaten to death in group home, authorities say
A group home in Illinois, Graywood Foundation, is being investigated for two homicides in three years at the hands of group home employees. In one case, a resident with developmental disabilities was beaten and kicked to death. In early February, two other Graywood employees go on trial for the 2008 murder of another Graywood resident. Michigan
The Detroit News, January 10, 2011
Repeated violations found at Oakland County group homes
A state agency has found repeated legal violations, health and safety problems and mistreatment of residents since 2008 at four Oakland County group homes for people with mental disabilities. Problems at the group homes were documented in special investigative reports by the Michigan Department of Human Services‘ Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing. Problems cited included lax supervision of residents, failure to provide proper medications and medical services and lack of proper cleaning and upkeep. In one instance, the state found, a resident drank Windex and was treated at a hospital in August 2008. In another, a staff member at did not perform CPR or call 911 after a patient suffered a seizure; the resident later died. According to state records, a male worker was fired after sexually assaulting two female residents in September 2009. In another instance, a resident repeatedly left the home and burglarized neighbors' houses. In another instance, residents got two doses of the same medicines after a staffer failed to initial a drug log. In another case, records showed two residents repeatedly missed medical appointments. A former supervisor has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was fired after questioning residents‘ care and conditions at the home. Under state law, a group home license can only be revoked after showing the violations were ―willful and substantial.‖ The license of the four Oakland County group homes remain in effect.

Monday, February 14, 2011


     Doing research for this project, and on the potential side effects of statin drugs, has NOT been a picnic ~!  While I figured the numbers would be high, I was AGHAST when a google search indicated almost HALF all Americans are taking at least ONE prescribed drug~! 
     I daresay the percentage in group homes for the disabled and nursing homes is much closer to ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%).  At least in group homes, the prevailing philosophy seems to be "the more drugs we give them, the better JOB we are doing~!". 
     Among the elderly, some 40% are taking 5 or more drugs.

CDC Says More Americans Are Taking Prescription Drugs

9/3/2010 2:35 PM ET

(RTTNews) - The number of Americans using prescription drugs has increased over the last ten years, says a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
As part of its National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the CDC reports that people are more frequently turning to statins, anti-depressants, asthma controllers and mood enhancing drugs than ever before.
     According to the survey, 48 percent of all adult Americans reported taking at least one prescription medication in the last year, a jump from 44 percent one decade ago. The increase also held true from youths and seniors, whose usage rose to 20 percent and 90 percent, respectively.
     CDC statistician Dr. Charles F. Dillon says that the most significant increase is that of the elderly. Within that group, nearly 40 percent of all patients require five or more prescription drugs.

     This number using prescription drugs, almost 50%, is TWICE the estimate of those using ILLEGAL drugs.  About 21.8 million Americans, or 8.7 percent of the population age 12 and older, reported using illegal drugs in 2009. That's the highest level since the survey began in 2002. The previous high was just over 20 million in 2006.  From:

Sunday, February 13, 2011


     This weekend I visited with a friend who teaches religious classes at two Texas prisons.  He commented, in re: the "drugging of the disabled and elderly", that all too often, the students are so drugged (during the day at class) that they can barely stay awake.
     Seems they are often IN prison for street (illegal) drugs, so what do the powers that be do...? DRUG THEM AGAIN IN PRISON -- and this is "rehabilitation"???

     Another Who'd-A-Thunk-It...  Venture a guess what the Number One best-selling drug in America is???  It's a statin (for "high" cholesterol), Lipitor -- sales of $7,549,791.00 in 2009 according to one source, a little less at or only $5,363,193.00.  This despite a LOT of negative publicity leaking out that statins (ALL of them) can have horrific side effects, even on LOW (l0 mg/day) doses.  One MD, a family doc for 23 years and later an astronaut at NASA, developed TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA after only six weeks on 10 mg. of Lipitor.  At his site,, there's a TON of information on why to avoid statins, how to lower cholesterol "naturally", the neuro-biochemistry involved, i.e. the how and why statins can be harmful, and other potential side effects, like possible permanent muscle damage, i.e. weakness to the point of being in a wheelchair.  He also notes personality changes and cognitive damage resulting in rage, behavioral and emotional changes (negative ones).
     His forum, free to access, has numerous "testimonials" of people who took statins and were harmed.  He also suggests that anyone on a statin also take CoQ-10, the best form being Ubiquinol -- that this may help 50% of the people on statins escape the side effects.
     Pfizer is the maker of Lipitor, as well as Geodon, the latter being involved in numerous lawsuits.  It may only be a matter of time until enough people learn of the dangers of statins that the lawyers line up to sue Pfizer, yet again.  I learned of Dr. Graveline by way of a page at mercola ( ) .  I don't scare easily at anything, but this HORRIFIED ME and I still have ice in the pit of my stomach ~!  Just the thought of HELPLESS disabled people and our elders being given this potentially very dangerous drug.

Friday, February 11, 2011


     This is not my original writing, so thanks to Ron Van Dyke -- it's included here to help start us THINKING -- "consciousness raising" exercise"~!  I have it on good authority, from an APS investigator, that I'm "out there" -- whatever the hell THAT means -- so I can be placed easily in the "cracked" column -- but I DO think OUTSIDE THE BOX that bureaucraps are trapped in, and do so proudly.  (Wonder if she meant I was "out there" because I enjoy reading / learning about quantum physics, astronomy, the Universe, etc.???  If so, I'm in good company).
     WE'VE ALL GOT TO WAKE UP AND SHINE THE LIGHT OF REASON ON THE OVER-DRUGGING OF OUR KIDS, OUR DISABLED AND OUR ELDERLY -- the abuse of drugs is no longer contained on the streets of America -- it's invaded the prescription pads of all the "Dr. Feel-Goods" and a WASTE OF MEDICAID MONIES (that would be OUR taxpayer's monies).


By Ron Van Dyke - December 6, 2010
"Blessed are the crackedÅ  for they shall let the light in." That's what it said on a card I received a few years ago. I was being reminded that I am one of the crackedÅ  letting the light in. I certainly hope so, for that is my intent. That's why I am willing, though I realize it pisses some people off, to be real, to tell my truth, whether labeled good or bad, safe or unsafe, to whoever takes time to discover whatever gifts I am offering. My purpose is to allow everything in my experience to teach me something of value, and therewith to become wiser, and to encourage others to know that they are not alone in the experiences that challenge them. We are all being challenged to go beyond our personal comfort zone.
     It's not only in our personal lives and in WikiLeaks - cracks are appearing all over the world to let the light in. It's not that corruption has only recently appeared at the highest levels of our governments and corporations; it has been there all along. For centuries at least, positions of power have been filled by people of low consciousness that have the desire to rule over people of lower consciousness. It has been a symbiotic relationship perfectly suited to allow the rulers to feed both their greed and their lust for power. And the people being ruled have, for the most part, been complacent and totally unaware. That is changing.     As more and more people wake up, those in the ivory towers are becoming more and more desperate to complete their plan for world domination. They realize that an awakened populace cannot be controlled. In many cases, this makes the more enlightened ones among us seem to the rulers as enemies of the state (Google it!). In fact, there is documentation revealing that this is exactly how many of those in power look at the common people that were supposed to stay asleep in order to accommodate the nefarious plans of the elite. Too bad! It's not happening that way.
     So what does this have to do with our personal lives? Lots! Yet nothing, if we fail to see the part that we play in it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


     Think drugging of our kids is not a concern?  You might if YOU were under the influence of mind-altering substances TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT -- 25% -- OF THE TIME ~!   That's how many of our kids may be being drugged, LEGALLY ~!
          It's a sign of the times, it seems: 25 percent of U.S. children are on drugs... no, not street drugs, Big Pharma's drugs!  They've got kids on ADHD drugs, statin drugs, blood pressure drugs and of course SSRI antidepressants. Ethan Huff reports on this worrisome trend: (Dec. 31, 2010)
     From my four years of experience with two providers of "group homes" in Texas, where each resident is worth around $70,000.00 per year for "professional (sic) care", they are ALL -- 100% -- on drugs with very little knowledge of or attention paid to side effects ~!   
     And the "MEDS" are SACRED ~!  They MUST get their meds, they line up morning and evening for dispensing of same, and rarely, if ever, do the providers QUESTION the prescribing doctors on the efficacy (effectiveness), or strength of these drugs.  Anyone who does question prescription drugs in this environment is branded a trouble-maker, a whistle-blower or accused of rocking the boat in many cases.
     Since this blog is new, I'm yet to research the use of psychotropic drugs in nursing homes, but the people there are EQUALLY defenseless, for the most part, the licensing oversight is pathetic and the staff poorly trained (who with a high school education is going to learn anything about pharmacology?).  But, the page just added, "ELDER CARE", will be fleshed out, as I suspect there's drug abuse among the older, infirm clients.  There are far more attorneys involved in elder care law than for the younger, disabled but hopefully this will change, sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome ~!

America has become a nation of drug addicts -- to BOTH legally prescribed drugs and street drugs.  But whether you sniff it, snort it, shoot it, or swallow it, a mind-altering chemical is a mind-altering chemical ~!  A drug is a drug.  Period.  And while a goodly number of "normies" and disabled or elderly folks DO benefit from medications, it's been my experience that they are FAR over-used and over-prescribed by physicians who do NOT keep track of the impact on patients.

At the risk of sounding very skeptical, I'm almost convinced that, while there are some good, conscientious psychiatrists, all too many of them are NOTHING MORE than legalized drug pushers -- and WE, tax-paying, freedom-loving Americans, HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about this problem~!

I have personal, first-hand knowledge of a 28 year old developmentally disabled individual who has a rare, genetic-metabolic challenge, and has been through the "rigors" of (mis)-managed care in Texas.  As this site, and the forum, grow, I hope to bring attention of citizens, advocates, lawmakers, both state and federal, and the media that attention and oversight MUST be provided for defenseless disabled people in "state schools", sheltered living homes and in nursing homes.

Both populations are virtually helpless, DEFENSELESS (without a very good, competent and informed guardian) and at the mercy of those who would pass out mind-altering chemicals like candy, to sedate their clients into submission and make the jobs of often under-paid if not un-trained staff "easier".